New Holland Premier Infinet 4500m
new holland premier infinet 4500m

New Holland Premier Infinet® 4500m will maximise your baler’s output by baling for longer without stopping to re-loads. 4500m in one roll, means less roll handling to re-load for the same bale count, with 50% more net on every roll than ‘standard’ 3000m netwrap, giving more output from the fully loaded baler.

The longer rolls produced with the new Bale+™ technology takes up less storage space for your annual netwrap needs and reduce waste packaging.
New Holland Premier Infinet® is manufactured using Tama’s unique ‘Edge to Edge™’ technology, which guarantees full bale coverage, from all round balers and so produces the perfect bale, every time.

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ZEBRA® System Stripe
ZEBRA® System

As well as producing the 'perfect bale', New Holland Infinet® also features the unique ZEBRA® System roll pattern. The New Holland Infinet® asymmetrical striping pattern, across the width of the net, gives the operator a very clear 'left-right' indicator when loading the net roll. The ZEBRA® System is also a very useful benefit in indicating correctly which way to unroll the bale when feeding or bedding by clearly showing the asymmetrical pattern on the bale.

Bale Wrap Red End Warning
Roll End Warning Stripe

Every roll of New Holland Infinet® contains a visible Roll End warning stripe, which shows the end of the roll is approaching. This unique warning shows as the last 70 meters of the net is reached, allowing the operator to prepare for a roll change and avoid baling without net in the baler, thus further reducing valuable 'down time'.

Bales Carry handles
Roll Carry Handles

Every roll of New Holland Infinet® is fitted with purpose carrying handles, to assist the operator in handling and carrying the roll.

Minimum Length
Guaranteed Minimum Length

Every roll contains the guaranteed stated length, not a “plus-or-minus” average.

Edge to Edge™ Technology

Edge to Edge™ technology is a breakthrough created by Tama, which enables the net to maintain its width when feeding onto the bale, so covering the entire width of the bale. This unique ability gives the maximum protection to the crop as well as helping to maintain the bale’s shape, reducing crop loss when handling and making storage easier.

Bale+™ Technology

A technology innovation by Tama that combines a special mix of advanced raw material with a unique manufacturing process,
providing the unique combination of:

  • MAXIMUM AVAILABLE ROLL LENGTH – for maximum baler utilisation (50% longer length than a standard 3000m roll).
  • ROLL WEIGHT – the ONLY technology able to achieve both roll length and netwrap strength within a workable roll weight.
  • ROLL CONSISTENCY – a uniform and consistent netwrap for continuous trouble-free operation.
Brand name Roll length Width Weight Roll diameter Roll/pal
NH Premier Infinet® 4500m 123cm 42kg 29cm 28
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