John Deere Big Spool Type 72

The new John Deere Big Spool Type 72 is a unique development for the professional Big Bale contractor.
It combines the reliable performance of the ‘traditional’ Type 72 twine, with a dramatic increase in length. And yet, the spool will fit in EVERY Large Square Baler.
John Deere Big Spool Type 72, in packs of 9,600 ft, brings a huge increase of 33% MORE twine in each spool compared to the ‘traditional’ Type 72 spool size.
It increases the output capacity of the baler by one-third MORE per full baler spool load.
Using John Deere Big Spool Type 72 will save money:

  •  Adds up to 33% more feet in each pallet of twine.
  •  Reduces the total number of packs needed for your baling
  •  Increases the amount of baled crop per full baler spool load.


John Deere Silage hay straw baler products
Uniformity and consistency
Uniformity and consistency

Continuous, smooth running twine that will help maximize baler productivity.

High Strength and Consistent
High Strength

High strength yarn for maximum knotting performance.

Easy feed system
Easy feed spool design

Ensures that the twine flows freely and evenly from the start of the spool to the very end.

Type Length Colour Packs/Pallet
John Deere Big Spool Type 72 9,600 ft/pack Rust 56
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