Massey Ferguson XD Twine

Massey Ferguson XD twine is designed to cater for the specific challenges of the latest generation of Extra High-Density big balers (AGCO 2270 XD, Krone HDP), where the highest knot strength and bale security are critical. Massey Ferguson XD twine is capable of securing bales of extra high density, enabling the maximum performance from all current HD balers in this increasingly popular sector of the market.

MASSEY- FERGUSON Silage hay straw baler products
Enhanced quality control
Uniformity and consistency

Continuous, smooth running twine that will help maximize baler productivity.

High Strength and Consistent
High Strength

High strength yarn for maximum knotting performance.

Easy feed system
Easy feed spool design

Ensures that the twine flows freely and evenly from the start of the spool to the very end.

Giant Spool Format
Giant spool format

To optimize the baler’s output, Massey Ferguson XD Twine is produced in ‘giant size’ single-spool format, making the best use of the balers’ twine boxes by providing more bales per spool ‘load’.

Type Length
Massey Ferguson XD Twine 1,180m single spool


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