John Deere XtraFilm Stretch Wrap
John Deere XtraFilm 7500mm

John Deere Stretchwrap guarantees maximum performance in the challenging environment of quality bale wrapping.

John Deere Silage hay straw baler products
UV radiation damage Protection
UV protection

John Deere XtraFilm plastic is protected with a strong UV inhibitor, to reduce degradation from sunlight, when stored outside.

Best cling properties
Best cling properties

John Deere XtraFilm plastic has superior cling properties. This ensures a powerful airtight seal for every bale - under all conditions.

Water And Snow Resistance
Puncture and tear resistance

John Deere XtraFilm plastic's 25 micron thickness gives the best protection against film puncturing when wrapping and has exceptional strength giving high tear resistance.

High Strength and Consistent
5 strength of strength

John Deere XtraFilm plastic is a 5-layer, co-extruded film, produced from 100% virgin polymers, for the greatest strength when bale wrapping.

Reduced storage and operational cost
Reduced storage and operational cost

no need for inside storage.

Name Roll dimensions Rolls per pallet Colour
JD XtraFilm 750mm x 1500m 40 Black, Green
John Deere CPP Leaflet ENG 2018 UK
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