This season, leading crop packaging manufacturer Tama Plastic Industry has made a limited production run of pink and black netwrap to raise awareness of breast cancer in rural communities.

What is crop packaging? It’s the knitted netwrap that makes those beautiful round bales of hay, silage and straw in the countryside stay round.
Tama Plastic Industry are the manufacturers of the very familiar black and white zebra netwrap and have teamed with major UK agricultural company United Farmers, one of the agricultural industry’s major distributors with branches throughout the UK, to raise awareness of breast cancer in agricultural communities and rural areas.

Tama Breast Cancer AwarenessA limited quantity of the familiar striped netwrap has been specially manufactured in pink, for this campaign. “The distinctive stripes and striking colours are sure to be noticed and bring the issue to people’s attention” commented Graham Robson, Tama Technical Manager.

“Women have integral roles in the contracting and farming businesses that we work with and seldom get the attention and recognition they deserve,” says Graham. It is important that within these rural areas women receive the same level of health care information as those in towns and cities. “We wanted to do something to encourage awareness of breast cancer in the rural community and making the netwrap pink, the familiar colour indicator of campaign supporters, is our way of doing this and recognizing the unsung heroes in farming, the women!” “A number of United Farmers’ member companies throughout England, Scotland and Wales will be selling the special pink netwrap rolls.

Alongside the visual reminder, of pink wrapped bales throughout the fields and pastures in the summertime, Tama will donate a percentage from the sale of each special roll of pink striped netwrap to a local breast cancer charity in the region of the United Farmers’ member branch where the rolls were purchased. To find out where you’re nearest United Farmers Members is please visit:

So, look out for the pink bales across the UK’s rural landscape this summer.

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS (some important facts)
Early detection is vital. Breast cancer detected early has a much better chance of being effectively treated. Ways to reduce the danger of breast cancer include:

  • All women should have mammograms from the age of 40 years.
  • Women in high-risk groups may need to have regular mammograms at an earlier age.
  • Women should check their breasts regularly to learn what their breasts feel like normally and detect any changes.
  • Eating a diet low in fat, having regular exercise and limiting alcohol intake can help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.